When booking a hog roast we feel it very important that you are well informed about the service you will be receiving from us and also what we will require from you when you decide book our services.

On booking we will ask for a £100.00 none refundable deposit for hog roasts up to £1,000, services over this amount are assessed at the time of booking and mutually agreed, the hog roast is only considered booked when the deposit is received, increases in numbers can be accommodated up until 14 days prior to your hog roast when the remaining balance will be due in full.

Payments can be made by cheque to Screeton Brothers Ltd the address is on our contact us page, or direct bank transfer or card payment. On receiving your deposit we will confirm details via an email or letter.

With every hog roast you will have two members of staff, a chef to carve and a catering assistant to serve. They will be dressed in chefs jackets with aprons and hats, catering assistants are increased with larger hog roasts, a covered serving table will be provided and a 3x3 gazebo is also included as standard.

A Classic Hog Roast is served in a good quality disposable napkin, if a Luxury Hog Roast which is our hog roast with salads or side orders is chosen we provide quality 10 ins carded plates, environmentally sustainable wooden cutlery and paper napkins.

We just ask if possible to plug our electric extension lead into a 13amp domestic socket to boil a kettle.

The hog roast will be slowly cooked at our premises for around seven hours and we will arrive around one hour before your chosen service time, The serving time is about one hour and is increased for larger hog roasts.

We always clear and take away the remains of the hog roast to keep in line with the safe service and handling of hot food, if the event is at your home where a refrigerator is available you are more than welcome to bring a dish over and we will put you some left over pork in.

The hog roast wheeled oven will fit through a standard domestic doorway opening and will operate with our gas cylinder.

We do not provide a hire of machine or cook your own pig service.

If you have any questions about our service please ask we are always pleased to help if we can, additional services and times can be arranged to meet your needs and requirements.

Contact us by telephone telephone: (01652) 660 978 mobile: 07850 438 624 or email: info@hogroastlincolnshire.com.